About Privatdetektei S.S. 


Personal Surveillance, Due diligence, Infidelity, Missing persons cases, Fraud Investigations, Employment, Illicit work, Background Checks etc. in Switzerland and Europe.




Graduated in Detective and Criminology and legally licensed by the Security Directorate in Kanton Uri, Central Switzerland as Private Detective.
S.S. is an investigative professional ,dedicated to serving the Security & Investigation needs of businesses & individuals.




Privatdetektei S.S. provides his clients with services ranging from criminal defense investigations to covert surveillances, using the latest data providing services, investigative procedures and other industry procedures to find the information you’re looking for.

He provides services for law firms, private citizens, insurance companies, providing quality results and services Switzerland,provide investigative services throughout the nation and rest of Europe with a network of highly trained Private investigators, investigative specialists and licensed associates.


Tenacity and Honesty


Privatdetektei S.S. provides clients with the best strategy while creating proactive programs and solutions which vary depending on the needs of the client and he delivers results, providing the real and honest answers to questions our clients couldn’t discover on their own.

Let him be your total solution provider for preventing, deterring, identifying and when all else fails investigating all of your integrity issues. 

When you have a need for an investigator, contact Privatdetektei S.S. He look forward to providing you with the investigative services you require. 



No case is too small, too large or too difficult!